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Walter J. Hopp
Attorney and President
Estate Planning Attorney

Walter J. Hopp is licensed to practice law in Colorado. His practice is limited to estate and business planning and related tax, domestic and offshore asset protection, charitable issues, trust and estate administration, and some selected real estate matters. Although he developed extensive prior experience in litigation matters, for several years he has considered himself to be a reformed lawyer.


Mr. Hopp has a team of other attorneys with experience in certain areas, upon whom he is able to call in order to provide a full range of services to clients. In such cases you may view Hopp as captain of the team of advisors and counsel, even when much of the ordinary work is performed by others.




Mr. Hopp is a member of WealthCounsel, a group of successful independent professionals available to assist in serving the special needs of their clients and client advisors in the areas of estate, tax, and business planning.


Mr. Hopp is a member of the Colorado Bar since 1970, U.S. District Court of Colorado since 1970, and U.S. Court of Appeals (10th Cir.) since 1970. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado (B.A. 1967), and the University of Colorado School of Law (J.D. 1970). Following a year served as a law clerk to a United States District Court Judge, he began law practice as a trial attorney involved in civil litigation. He later acquired years of experience in business issues and real estate law. He served as counsel for the Longmont Association of REALTORS® for many years.


Mr. Hopp has conducted classes for insurance professionals, accountants, and lawyers on issues that range from simple to sophisticated estate and business planning matters. He has also spoken at practice seminars for lawyers. He has frequently been invited to speak to various groups on estate and business planning issues. He has produced several publications, dealing with estate and business planning issues. He is the author of Simple Sophisticated Estate Planning.


Mr. Hopp has significant experience in business management, including law firm administration. He is also the author of a practice management book for lawyers, Selling Power and Peace of Mind.


He has significant experience with real estate management as a result of client consultations and extensive personal business experience with real estate investments and related tax issues.


Mr. Hopp was a partner in the former estate planning firm of Vander Weit, Parenti, Hopp & Azad, LLP, a multi-state law firm that was organized in Texas and at one point had offices in 19 states.


Other Affiliations


Mr. Hopp was a founding member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys®. He was a member of the Esperti Peterson Institute (for advanced estate planning for high net worth individuals and families).


For several years he was a member of an Estate Planning Council in Colorado, and is a former affiliate member of the Boulder Valley Association of Life Underwriters, the Colorado Association of Life Underwriters, and the National Association of Life Underwriters.


Mr. Hopp was also a member of Advanced Appraisal & Valuation, LLC, a company that provided valuations and appraisals of business entities, and family companies.


Mr. Hopp was also a licensed affiliate of PFP Plan Administrators, Inc. in order to assist with the design, creation, and implementation of a simplified defined benefit pension plan identified as the PFP Premier 412(i) Plan.


Mr. Hopp was a member of Wealth Planning Consultants, LLC, a company with access to highly trained professionals in the United States and certain offshore jurisdictions. The company provided consultations and design work limited to advanced wealth planning, asset protection, and related tax matters facing individuals and families with high net worth in our society. Mr. Hopp continues such work with former members of that consulting company.


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